Wednesday, 27 May 2015

GSoC-2015 Introduction

Gnome-clocks redesign (GSoC'15)

    It seems a bit late for introduction so I'll mainly talk about what my project is about for google summer of code, 2015 and what I've done so far. Lasse Schuirmann is my mentor for this project who has been very supportive.

    To begin with the project details, this is the link to abstract of my project: I'm basically working on redesigning of gnome-clocks and adding some new features in gnome-clocks.

    In the redesigning, total three out of four components of gnome-clocks will be redesigned - world, alarm and timer.

Current design:

  • World and Alarm has tile view currently. 
  • While adding a new location in gnome-clocks, a dialog  is shown to select a location and add it to gnome-clocks.
  • There are no labels for alarms.
  • In timer component, only one timer is allowed so instead of that multiple timers feature is proposed.

This is the link to the mockups for the new design:

    I've been working on changing the view of world clock and the patches for the same are submitted but still there are some problems so will be working on it and with that I'll be working on popover feature to add a new location. 

   The new proposed design is smooth and has better UI. Plus some cool features are also proposed so it'd be really helpful to users once the proposed project will be implemented properly.

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